Suspect Arrested in Neo Nazi Tagging at Tulsa Bookstore

Aug 19, 2019

Crews work to clean the sidewalk after the hate-speech was spray painted in front of a book store.
Credit Phantasmagoria

A suspect is arrested for spray painting the sidewalk in front of a Tulsa book store. The man as been placed in a mental health facility for an evaluation.  

A Tulsa business is hit again with Neo-Nazi hate propaganda. Shannon Iwanski with Phantasmagoria Books and Records says this is the second time in a week the store has been targeted. A week ago, Neo-Nazi propaganda posters were put on the front door. This time the rather bold hate tagger walked up in broad daylight when the business was open and spray painted the sidewalk. Iwanski says he got a picture of the culprit who actually waved as he walked away. There is also video of the incident.

He believes the business has been targeted because they have collections and programs catering to the LGBTQ community.