"The Talented Ribkins" by Ladee Hubbard (Encore Presentation)

Nov 28, 2017

(Note: This show originally aired in August of this year.) Our guest is author Ladee Hubbard, who joins us to discuss her first novel. It's called "The Talented Ribkins." It's a creative and widely acclaimed book about race, class, politics, and America itself...and it focus on, of all things, a family of super-heroes. And per a starred review of this novel by Kirkus: "Crafty and wistful.... Hubbard weaves this narrative with prodigious skill and compelling warmth. You anticipate a movie while wondering if any movie could do this fascinating family, well, justice. To describe this novel, as someone inevitably will, as 'Song of Solomon' reimagined as a Marvel Comics franchise is to shortchange its cleverness and audacity."