Today Only For New Donors: Driveway Moments CD

Apr 5, 2016

Ever found yourself in a parking lot, unwilling to turn off the radio because you need to hear the end of a story? Here are those radio stories that won't let you go: NPR Favorite Driveway Moments. The NPR shop sells this two-CD set for $22.95. For new donors only, it's free for your contribution of $120 ($10/month) to Public Radio Tulsa. Hurry - this offer expires tonight at midnight, Tuesday April 5!


Here's what you'll hear:

  • Introduction by Renée Montagne
  • A Daughter’s Dance Brings Dad Joy
  • Robert Krulwich and the 5 Dollar Bill
  • Complexities of Modern Love in the Digital Age
  • Kathy Griffin's Life: All D-List, Even This Interview 
  • Murals Depict Power of Law and Justice 
  • Former KKK Member Converts to Judaism
  • Growing Up, Aging Out: The End of Foster Care
  • This I Believe: Stray Cat Interrupts Tough Prison Culture 
  • Sarajevo Pets
  • On Sept. 11, Paper Memories Fell From Sky
  • Breaking the Color Barrier
  • StoryCorps: Launching a Life with $10 and a Dream
  • Cookie Monster Visits NPR
  • A 'Great Rescue' in Heavy Traffic
  • StoryCorps: Andes Or Bust: An In-Flight Wardrobe Malfunction 
  • A Big Ballgame for a Small Town
  • Heartbreaking Reports from a Devastated City
  • Re-creating Afghanistan: Returning to Istalif