TPD Releases Body Camera Video of Arresting Prostestor at Trump Rally

Aug 5, 2020

Sheila Buck speaks with Tulsa Police Officer Matthew Parker on June 20 before he arrests her at President Donald Trump's Tulsa campaign rally.

The Tulsa Police Department has released body cam video of the arrest of protester Sheila Buck at June’s Trump campaign rally.

The hour-plus video starts with Officer Matthew Parker confirming with his supervisor Buck is to be arrested for trespassing. Parker then confers with a private security guard for the event just before Buck, who sat silently inside the event fence and was wearing an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt, is pulled to her feet, handcuffed and led out of the fenced area in front of several reporters.

“Ow! No, they hurt. They hurt. Stop this. Stop this,” Buck said as officers led her away.

Parker and another officer transported Buck from Fifth Street and Cheyenne Avenue to downtown TPD headquarters, where Parker filled out his arrest report and explained why they arrested the 63-year-old even though she has a ticket.

“The event that is being held downtown today is considered to be a private event. They have a permit with the city, they have a perimeter and they have a fence. Only people inside the fence are those that are welcome by the event people. The event staff and security decided they did not want you at the event, they uninvited you — even though you had a ticket,” Parker said.

The mayor’s office recently said the event was coordinated through the Trump campaign and BOK Center management and was exempt from city permit requirements.

At one point as Parker filled out his arrest report, Buck told officers, “I can’t believe the president is doing this to me. You know this is wrong.“

Officers then drove Buck to Archer Street and Cheyenne Avenue, where she was told to get into a van to be taken to jail. Buck told officers there she was claustrophobic.

“You got claustrophobia issues, you shouldn’t be doing stuff that gets you arrested,” an unidentified officer said.

Buck faces a single misdemeanor charge of obstructing an officer.