TPS Offering Virtual Academy in the Fall

Jul 6, 2020

Credit Tulsa Public Schools

Tulsa Public Schools is developing a virtual academy for students who are immunocompromised or whose parents don’t feel comfortable having them go back to a classroom in the fall.

Students enrolling in TPS Virtual Academy will continue to be considered attending their current, physical school. The district has made a preliminary decision not to allow students to jump back and forth between virtual and in-person schools at will.

"But we’ve said, you know, enroll at the beginning of the year and then you can actually either enroll or move back to your home school at mid-year," said TPS Interim Chief Learning Officer Ebony Johnson.

Pre-K through 12th-grade students with health conditions that would put them at greater risk of serious complications of COVID-19 are the focus. School days will likely include a set daily schedule with allowances for some work to be done on a student's own time.

Teachers will be assigned either to the virtual academy or to a classroom unless demand requires additional teachers online.

"And the teachers will be assigned based on also those teachers being immune-compromised. So, those are our first teachers that will be assigned, and then from there, depending on the need, we’ll go to teachers who have expressed interest," Johnson said.

More information and an interest form is available at the TPS Virtual Academy website.