TU Prof. Eduardo Faingold Joins Prestigious Organization Charged with Analyzing Language Policies

Jan 5, 2016

On this installment of ST, a conversation about language and culture -- and their points of overlapping -- with Eduardo Faingold, who is Professor of Spanish and Linguistics here at the University of Tulsa. Faingold has served in the TU Department of Languages since 1995 and published eight books and 50 papers thus far in his career. Last month, he joined a well-regarded group of scholars responsible for analyzing language policy and advising the UN on both language minority rights and endangered languages. The group is known as the Study Group on Language and the United Nations, and you can read a TU-issued press release concerning Prof. Faingold's recent honor here. Our guest today is a member of the International Academy of Linguistic Law as well as the International Society for Language Studies, and he will attend his first meeting with the Study Group on Language and the United Nations later this year.