Tulsa Apartment Residents Complain of No Heat

Nov 8, 2019

The complex is at 6800 South Lewis
Credit Rent-dot-com

The website says “All Bills Paid”. One would assume that includes heat. Residents of the Chateau 68 apartment complex in south Tulsa say they have been without heat for weeks.

The Tulsa Health Department has stepped in to work with the out of state property owner. After getting nowhere, the department issued an ultimatum to the property owner to fix the heat or evacuate the residents. 

The Department released the following statement:

“As the complex failed to comply with the orders to repair, orders to vacate were issued to the property manager today and posted in public areas of the property. The apartment manager has permitted a repair company to remain on the premises this evening until the issue is fixed. Our staff verbally communicated to the property manager that as long as the repair company was working on the issue and the interior temperature remained above 65 degrees, residents did not have to vacate. 

The Tulsa Health Department has been in contact with local agencies and Emergency Management today to identify resources to assist with relocation should that be necessary. The health and safety of residents is our top priority, and with temperatures dropping the issue of safe and adequate heat is more important than ever. “