Tulsa Ballet Begins an Exciting New Season with "Creations in Studio K"

Sep 17, 2018

Tulsa Ballet will begin a new season tomorrow night (Friday the 14th) with the return of its long-running "Creations in Studio K" annual presentation. This time out, the three-part "Creations" evening includes a first-time-ever collaboration between Tulsa Ballet and Philbrook Museum of Art -- i.e., a work entitled "Pentaptych." Our guests today, choreographer Ma Cong and artist Eric Sall, tell us all about this special dance-meets-painting endeavor: how it came about, how it was developed and refined, and how it will unfold onstage. We are also joined on today's show by Marcello Angelini, the Artistic Director of Tulsa Ballet, who tells us about the rest of the "Creations" program.