Tulsa Ballet's "Off the Floor: Creations in Studio K" Opens This Evening with Three New Works

May 2, 2014

Starting tonight, Friday the 2nd, Tulsa Ballet presents its final performance of the 2013-14 season, "Off the Floor: Creations in Studio K." This is the seventh year in which the ballet has offered a three-part "Creations in Studio K" evening, and this time around, it will feature world-premiere works by Jodie Gates ("The Angle of Incidence"), Young Soon Hue ("Contrast"), and Ma Cong ("Uniko"). Our guest on ST is Tulsa Ballet's artistic director, Marcello Angelini, who describes each of these works in detail. He also talks about how, in an effort to promote Tulsa's vibrant and ever-more-active local dance scene, Tulsa Ballet will feature local dance companies half-an-hour before select "Creations in Studio K" performances. (You can much learn more about this season-capping production, which will be staged from tonight through the 11th at Tulsa Ballet's Studio K space near Peoria and 45th Place, at this link.) Angelini also talks with us about the forthcoming season to be presented by Tulsa Ballet...which will be his twentieth (!) at the helm of this outstanding arts organization. (Please note: We incorrectly state at both the beginning and ending of this program that "Off the Floor: Creations in Studio K" began its run of performances last night; we regret this error. The first curtain in this run --- and, indeed, the world premiere of all three works cited above --- is actually this evening: Friday the 2nd.)