Tulsa Chamber Workforce Analysis Produces Recommendations

Jul 14, 2014

Credit File Photo

The Tulsa Chamber has a comprehensive plan to transform the region’s economy after getting a list of recommendations from its six-month Workforce Analysis Project.

A consulting group gave several recommendations to be completed within two years. Sarah Miller with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning said a career-awareness campaign they suggested is the low-hanging fruit here.

"If your parents didn't work in that industry or there's not a TV show about it, then they don't really know about these opportunities," Miller said. "So, especially in these areas of transportation, aviation and aerospace, and energy, which are key pillars to the economy here in Tulsa, we really want people to be far more aware of those opportunities."

Other high-priority items: Educational partnerships, a workforce initiatives clearinghouse and sources of funding.

Chamber Director of Talent Strategies Denise Reid said a working group will start talking about the ideas tomorrow.

"Our goal is to create a dashboard that is public and open to where anybody can look at this and see who's handling what and who's driving the process, who's, you know, leveraging, collaborating," Reid said.

The project identified trends in the labor force and local industries. The goal is to get educators and businesses working together to train skilled workers for Tulsa’s strongest industries.