Tulsa Little Jam Begins a New Season of Showcasing Many of Our Community's Talented Musicians

May 16, 2019

On this edition of StudioTulsa, we learn about Tulsa Little Jam, a popular podcast, concert series, and far-reaching digital media platform that aims to spotlight our community's most talented musicians and singer-songwriters. Tulsa Little Jam will present its Season Two Opening Concert this coming Friday night, the 17th, at Guthrie Green (beginning at 5:30pm). A number of different local bands will be presented -- and filmed -- in live performance, and the concert will be part of the 2019 Mayfest weekend. Our guest are two of the folks who make Tulsa Little Jam happen: Juan Reinoso is the Show Host and Producer, and Meg Sutherland is the Public Relations Contact and Storyteller. Also on our show today, commentator Mark Darrah is remembering a recent era in world history that has definite connections with the U.S. right now -- i.e., the era in Romania between 1966 and 1990, when abortion and contraception were completely banned under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaușescu.