Tulsa Police Crack Down on Neighbood Speeding

Tulsa, Oklahoma – "Stop the speeding on my street - now!"

That is one of the most urgent phone calls fielded by the Tulsa Police Department, the City of Tulsa and officials nationwide. With warmer weather ahead, such complaints will only increase, as anxious parents and neighbors fear for the safety of children at play. That is why a number of communities, including Tulsa, are proclaiming May as "Keep Kids Alive Drive 25" month. It is an effort to raise awareness of the serious problem of speeding and distracted driving on neighborhood streets.

Most of the people speeding through neighborhoods are the residents themselves, according to Tulsa Police Officer Craig Murray. The Tulsa Police Department is concerned with this growing problem and is seeking the public assistance. Fines for speeding in a neighborhood start at $125.

For more information on this and traffic calming methods for neighborhoods, log onto www.cityoftulsa.org and click on Community Programs and scroll down to Drive 25.