Tulsa Progress in Becoming "Dementia Friendly"

Nov 7, 2019

Credit KWGS Photo

Mayor Bynum applauds the Tulsa Police Department for embracing the "Dementia Friendly" program.

During the year-long initiative with the Tulsa Police Department, 729 officers participated in the program designed especially for first responders. It was conducted as in-person, small group sessions led by Dementia Friendly Tulsa partner, Alzheimer’s Association – Oklahoma Chapter.

The dementia friendly training for first responders helps participants understand tactics and responses that are effective in situations that include persons with dementia. The program stresses awareness of behaviors such as memory loss, confusion, agitation, and wandering, as well as how those with dementia can be targets for fraud and abuse.

Mayor Bynum hosted a symposium in 2017 that set a Tulsa is a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization. The organization focuses on providing

roadmap for Tulsa to become a dementia-

friendly community. Now part of the Dementia Friendly America Network, Dementia Friendly

awareness training for the public to reduce fear and stigma about dementia and allow those with

the disease, as well as their caregivers, to stay engaged in the community.