Tulsa Returns Several Elected Officials to Office, But City Council District 5 Chooses New Councilor

Nov 4, 2020

Tulsa City Councilor-elect Mykey Arthrell gives a victory speech Tuesday night at Oklahoma Democrats' watch party at ONEOK Field.
Credit Chris Polansky / KWGS

Tulsans returned several elected officials to office on Tuesday, but not all of them.

Oklahoma House Democrats Denise Brewer, Meloyde Blancett and Melissa Provenzano claimed wins on election night, with Provenzano in the closest race in her south Tulsa district.

Brewer said Democratic lawmakers have to focus on digging out of a hole Republicans created.

"We're going to focus on education, health care, and we're going to force Gov. Stitt to step up and deal with COVID-19 based on science," Brewer said in a victory speech at Democrats' watch party at ONEOK Field.

Republicans gained five seats in the Oklahoma House on Tuesday, taking their majority to 82.

In two of three Tulsa City Council races on Tuesday’s ballot, incumbents held on to their seats.

District 6 Councilor Connie Dodson beat challenger Christian Bengel 63% to 37%, and District 7 Councilor Lori Decter Wright beat Justin Van Kirk 55% to 45% in a race where moneyed conservative strategists took an interest in the challenger.

Midtown council District 5 has a new representative, however, with Mykey Arthrell beating incumbent Cass Fahler 51% to 49%.

"I'm so excited to bring my district together. They've been divided for two years with a councilor who'd ignore them and just cast away half of the people's opinions because they didn't agree with him," Arthrell said.

Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith also held off a challenger for her seat. She beat Josh Turley 55% to 45%.