Tulsa Transit Announces the Forthcoming Aero Bus Rapid Transit System

Jul 24, 2017

On this edition of ST, an interesting chat with Tulsa Transit Interim General Manager Debbie Ruggles. In a joint appearance, City of Tulsa and Tulsa Transit officials recently announced a new bus rapid transit line for our community, which will run mainly along Peoria Avenue. It will be known as the Aero system. Service on the Aero -- which will run in rotation from Peoria and 36th Street North to 81st and Lewis -- is expected to start in Spring 2019. While it is expected that other Aero lines will eventually be chosen, built, and incorporated into the city's infrastructure, as Ruggles tells us today, the decision to begin with Peoria was an easy one; studies show that one in five Tulsans live or work within a mile of the Peoria Avenue bus corridor.