Tulsa's Kendall Whittier Neighborhood Looking Forward to New Development

Jul 13, 2012

Tulsa's Kendall Whittier neighborhood, certainly the city's most diverse neighborhood, is poised for new development. Recently, the City of Tulsa entered into a new partnership with the Kendall Whittier Main Street (or KWMS) organization, an agency dedicated to promoting and restoring this neighborhood as a (per its mission statement) "thriving, walkable, and welcoming community for living and working." Moreover, Whittier Square was just added to the National Registry of Historic Places, and new money is now flowing into the neighborhood from Route 66-related groups as well as the National Park Service --- and a new multi-use housing area is also being planned. Our guest on this edition of ST is Nancy Phelps, Executive Director of KWMS, who tells us about all of the above. She also tells us that a Signature Event Series will get underway to benefit the Kendall Whittier neighborhood --- it will be comprised of four different events, all of them held in the KW community, with each event aiming to raise awareness and financial support for non-profit agencies within this community. Indeed, the first event is tomorrow night (Saturday the 14th) at 7pm at the historic Fire Station #7 (at the corner of 6th and Lewis) --- and you can learn more about this event (and about the three other just-announced gatherings) here.