TU's Annual Cadenhead-Settle Memorial Lecture: "A World History of Genocide"

Feb 13, 2014

Tonight, Thursday the 13th, TU's Department of History will present the Annual Cadenhead-Settle Memorial Lecture here on the University of Tulsa campus; the event begins at 7:30pm in the Tyrrell Hall Auditorium. Our guest on ST is the distinguished academic who will be delivering this free-to-the-public lecture: Professor Norman Naimark is the Robert and Florence McDonnell Chair in East European History at Stanford University. He's also a Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution and the Institute of International Studies. His lecture tonight is entitled "A World History of Genocide" --- and Prof. Naimark is actually now working on a book on this topic for Oxford University Press. Has genocide always been a facet of human history --- even in ancient, or else prehistoric, times? And what separates an act of genocide from, for example, a war crime or a massacre? And what, exactly, is the definition of genocide? These questions or issues are all routinely debated by historians across a range of disciplines --- and we explore such queries with Prof. Naimark on this edition of our program. (For more about tonight's Cadenhead-Settle Memorial Lecture, please see this link.)