TU's Department of Theatre Presents "Tartuffe"

Mar 6, 2014

Molière's "Tartuffe" --- or "The Impostor" --- is a classic French play that was first performed in 1664. Bitingly satirical and LOL funny, this play tells the story of a deplorable religious con-man who tries to obtain the title to his friend's estate by sending him to jail; the title character of this ever-popular comedy also tries to rob that friend blind, to seduce his wife and daughter, and so on. "Tartuffe" is a work that's often revived in updated versions or alternate settings, and such is the case with the production of "Tartuffe" that TU's Department of Theatre is now staging. In this go-round, a charismatic TV evangelist --- who also happens to be a ruthless huckster and hypocrite --- infiltrates the household of a gullible oil-man and his exasperated family in 21st-century Dallas. TU Theatre professor Steven Marzolf, who's directing this production, is our guest on today's ST; "Tartuffe" will be staged in Kendall Hall on the TU campus from tonight (Thursday the 6th) through Sunday night (the 9th). You can learn more about this play, including show times and ticket details, at this link. Also on our program, commentator Connie Cronley has a rather high-minded question to ask in reference to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol: namely, "Where did they get those cool hats?"