Two Exhibits at the Sherwin Miller: "The Many Faces of Jerusalem" and "Leonard Nimoy: Secret Selves"

Jan 29, 2015

On this edition of ST, we welcome back Karen York, Director of Collections and Exhibitions at the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art here in Tulsa. York tells us about two interesting exhibits at the museum that will close this coming weekend; the last day to view each show is Sunday the 1st. "The Many Faces of Jerusalem: Works from the Israel Quilters Association" presents eye-catching work by many different artists in order to display the international, multicultural, and both ethnically and religiously diverse nature of the Israeli capital city, while "Leonard Nimoy: Secret Selves" is a fine art photography show that reveals what the actor known to countless "Star Trek" fans -- he's actually quite accomplished as a theatrical director, too -- is capable of creating from behind the lens. York also tells us about a very enticing show that will open next week (on Thursday the 5th) at the Sherwin Miller: "Ancient Ways: Modern Forms -- An Exploration of Parallel Experience in Native American and Jewish Cultures by Oklahoma's Native Artists." More info on all of the above can be found at the museum's website.