Two Sisters Return to KWGS

Aug 2, 2018

Recently at our Member Thank You Party at Southwood Landscape and Garden Center, we renewed our acquaintance with some of the earliest employees of KWGS. Sisters Doreen Wood(right) and Joyce Jackson(left) both worked at the station in its very first years when KWGS was a student laboratory, training a new generation of workers for the country’s primary electronic mass communication medium, radio. 

Doreen began at the station in 1945 as experimental broadcasts were beginning around the country for a new band of radio, FM. Joyce and Doreen sang with the Modern Choir which performed weekly on KWGS, and Doreen had her own program, singing classical music, once KWGS was among the first FCC-licensed FM radio stations in 1947. Recently, they sat down with Rich Fisher to tell him what the station was like in its beginning years.

Listen to Joyce and Doreen's story.