An Update on Arm and a Leg, a Fine Podcast Concerning the Costs of U.S. Health Care

Jan 13, 2020

Our guest is Dan Weissmann, a public-radio reporter/editor/producer whose work has appeared on Marketplace, Planet Money, 99 Percent Invisible, and NPR’s Morning Edition. He once again joins us on ST Medical Monday to give an update on An Arm and a Leg, his widely acclaimed podcast about the various price tags that come with health care in the U.S. According to the show's website -- which offers all of its episodes for free and on-demand, and is located at -- An Arm and a Leg is "a show about the cost of health care that's more entertaining, empowering, and occasionally useful than [it is] enraging, terrifying, and depressing.... We may be screwed but we're together."