An Update: A Gathering Place for Tulsa

Mar 24, 2016

The "construction cam" at the Gathering Place
Credit AGPT

Construction engineers are giving the media tours of progress being made at the Gathering Place.

The new, privately funded, park is to open its first phase next year. Construction Supervisor Jeff Stava told KWGS News today, the construction work is slightly ahead of schedule. He credits the mild and dry winter.

The massive land bridges that will link the Gathering Place to the River Parks are now being shipped to the park and "craned into place". Stava says the bridges will create a traffic tunnel along Riverside Drive. The arches are being constructed in Broken Arrow.

After the bridges are in place, Stava says they will be water-proofed. Eventually, they will hold 10-to-15 feet of dirt, grass, trees and people.