An Update on the Renovation of the TCCL's Central Library in Downtown Tulsa

Sep 24, 2014

On this edition of our show, we welcome Gary Shaffer, CEO of the Tulsa City-County Library. The TCCL's Central Library, in the heart of downtown Tulsa, has recently entered its "public phase," with direct fund-raising appeals being made to the public to complete the mid-century-modern building's vast, thorough, and state-of-the-art renovation. Demolition of the building's interior is now complete; the actual construction of the new Central Library has begun. Shaffer talks with us about what this new facility will offer, how it will look, when it will open to the public, what role(s) it will play in the cultural and social life of downtown, and so forth. (Please note that you can learn more about this renovation, and view a six-minute video that depicts it, at this link from the TCCL website.) Also on today's ST, like so many others, our commentator Collin Hinds -- in the wake of the botched execution of Clayton Lockett here in our state -- is wondering about America's relationship with the death penalty.