On View at the Zarrow Center in Downtown Tulsa: "Charles Addams: Family and Friends"

Sep 4, 2015

On this installment of ST, we learn about the charmingly off-the-wall and/or downright ghoulish cartoons of Charles Addams, whose distictive, humorous drawings graced the pages of The New Yorker (and other magazines) for many years, and were the basis, of course, for "The Addams Family" (of TV and movie fame). More than 50 works by Addams are now on display at the Zarrow Center for Art and Education in downtown Tulsa; "Charles Addams: Family and Friends" will be on view through September 27th. Our guest is Kevin Miserrochi, Director of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation in Sagaponack, New York, who curated this exhibition of drawings, cartoons, sketches, and watercolors. As he tells us, the exhibit is being co-presented by the Tulsa Girls Art School, which is also displaying original art works by many of its sudents alongside -- and "in response to" -- the various pieces by Addams (some of them quite familiar if not iconic). Also, Miserrochi will be speaking about the life and work of Addams at the Zarrow Center on Friday the 11th at noon, and you can learn more about that upcoming "Brown Bag Lunch Lecture" here.