Working for Due Process for Immigrants Detained by ICE

Aug 29, 2019

At any given time, anywhere from just over 100 to over 250 people are being held at the David L Moss Criminal Justice Center as immigrant detainees by U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, through the 287g program or as an ICE contract facility. Some are immigrants seeking asylum, others have been accused of a crime, some minor, others more serious. But upon arrival, they enter a strange amalgam where state law, federal law, and immigration law collide and intersect. 

For the past several years, the Clinical Law program at The University of Tulsa College of Law and its Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network have been providing legal services to the detainees. We hear about their work holding up the government's obligation to due process from Mimi Marton, Director of Clinical Programs, and Robin Sherman, a clinical instructor.