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Freakonomics Radio ferrets out connections between seemingly unrelated things on 89.5-1. The program explores the riddles of everyday life and the weird wrinkles of human nature using the tools of economics to explore real-world behavior. Host Stephen J. Dubner discovers the hidden side of everything in interviews with Nobel laureates and provocateurs, social scientists and entrepreneurs—and with his “Freakonomics” co-author Steve Levitt.


"The Secret Life of CEOs"
A Four Episode Series From 
Freakonomics Radio starting March 10, 2018

Host Stephen J. Dubner takes listeners behind the scenes of some of the most powerful companies in the world, interviewing these current and former CEOs (some of whom rarely give interviews this extensive):

As you know, it’s been five years since new episodes of Car Talk have been produced, and the Best of Car Talk program ceases distribution this month. While there is no replacing our beloved Click and Clack, we will be moving an EQUALLY riotous program into the Saturday noon timeslot:  Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me