TED Radio Hour

  • Hosted by Guy Raz

A journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing interviews, and new ways to think and create, based on riveting TED Talks from the world’s most remarkable minds. TED Talks are a launching point for exploration inti the best ideas in technology, entertainment, design, and much more. Each approach to every idea is different and each is fascinating listening. 

Host Guy Raz interviews the guests, delving deeper, dissecting the speaker's ideas and posing probing questions you’d like to hear answered. Topics explored include mankind's place in the universe and space, how the sounds around us affect our behavior and why there is power in failure.

What Listeners Say

  • Guy Raz "asks very intelligent questions that help me understand the TED talk better. I also appreciate how he narrates any visual aspects of the talks so I don't feel like I've missed a critical piece of the talk by not seeing the visuals."
  • "I like how (Raz) provides commentary and questions, but truly lets the speakers and their TED talk navigate the episode. Well done, NPR!"