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A Summer Vacation in DALÍLAND

Museum Confidential: Season 7, Summer Special!
Museum Confidential: Season 7, Summer Special!

Museum Confidential: Season 7, Summer Special!

On this edition of Museum Confidential, we are discussing the late, great Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dalí. Those bulging eyes. That signature mustache. The melting clocks. The bizarre yet detailed "dreamscape" where many of his paintings are set. We know this individual and his work pretty well. But what about the actual person behind the persona? In her new bio-pic, DALÍLAND, acclaimed director Mary Harron depicts the artist's later years in 1970s New York City. Harron is our guest.

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  • Stolen works by famous artists are often too well known to sell. The odds go way down when you add in a clear image of the thief's face, his checkered shirt and his paper bag carrying off the stolen art. That may explain why the thief decided to return the valuable drawing by Salvador Dali a week after it was stolen.
  • The ignored piece of art, priced somewhere between $10 to $50, turned out to be a 1950s woodcut print that was created and signed by Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí.
  • A retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art celebrates the life of Salvador Dali, going beyond the surrealist work for which he is most famous. Curators wanted to explore Dali's later efforts, which left many critics unimpressed. Joel Rose of member station WHYY in Philadelphia took an early tour of the exhibit.
  • In the early 1970s surrealist icon Salvador Dalí published a lavish cookbook called Les Dîners de Gala. Decades later, the book is being republished for a new and much wider audience.
  • "The only thing missing is the mustache," says the woman who claims to be his daughter about her resemblance to the Spanish surrealist painter.
  • When the late Spanish painter was exhumed for a paternity suit, experts discovered his distinctive mustache had kept its shape. "Checking it was a very exciting moment," says the head of his estate.