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In Defense of Oklahoma's Personal Income Tax

By Rich Fisher


Tulsa, OK – Winston Churchill once famously asserted that democracy is the worst form of government . . . except for every other kind. Our guest on ST today basically feels the same way about the income tax here in Oklahoma. David Blatt, director of the Oklahoma Policy Institute (a non-partisan, non-profit think-thank), realizes that no one likes paying taxes, and that no one wants to pay more taxes. Even so, he maintains that Oklahoma's personal income tax --- its biggest source of revenue --- is the least harmful, most attractive way of adequately funding state government. Blatt's defense comes in the wake of recent suggestions, made by certain state lawmakers as well as Governor Fallin, that Oklahoma's income tax ought to be decreased or eliminated in favor of more sales taxes. (David Dank, a Republican state representative from Oklahoma City, appeared on our program last month to make this argument.) For more about Blatt's pro-income tax position, and to see the facts and figures behind his claims, you can visit http://okpolicy.org/tax-reform-information.