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Kudos and Brickbats From Listeners During Our Fall 2012 Fund Drive

James Cromwell

One of the great things about fund drives is that we get to hear from so many of our listeners. Please share your thoughts, both good and bad, with us --- and we'll add selected comments to this page. 

Don't be shy telling us what you think about the six HD channels of Public Radio Tulsa.

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  • I am making a second donation because we must not lose these great radio stations. I hope others will increase their support or join in if they are not yet helping to meet the costs of operating and maintaining these wonderful facilities. These are the only stations of this type in the Tulsa area. - Tulsa
  • I literally couldn't start or end my day without public radio!  My clock awakens me with classical music,which is so much gentler than an alarm! - Tulsa
  • I have your classical station on day and night in 2 locations -- very grateful to have it in my life -- except for the Opera. I hope at some point you can have a separate station for Opera. - Tulsa
  • Just moved back to Oklahoma. Listening to KWGS is a wonderful welcome. - Claremore
  • Your station is my constant companion. - Owasso
  • Hello, I was super busy around fund-drive time and I am just now getting a chance to pledge. I appreciate you of all at KWGS. Your local news reporting has been such a nice addition over the past few years. Hats off to John, Rich and Catherine. Keep up the great work! - Beggs
  • I love NPR and KWGS. Y'all bring the world to Hungry Holler Art Refuge. And when I've had my fill of the freakin' world, I can turn off my radio. Thank you for all you do. Peace. - Eucha
  • Sorry missed your fundraiser.  Listen to you most mornings.  Must have been in CD mode before the election! - Tulsa
  • I love KWGS!  And thanks for re-running Wait, Wait - I often miss it on Saturday afternoon. - Tulsa
  • Having classical music and NPR news and entertainment programs available to us are important parts of our lives. - Tulsa
  • Thank you for your great programming. We love Prairie Home Companion and the cooking show that follows it.  :-)  It's a win-win Sunday afternoon! - Tulsa
  • I love NPR. I can afford to donate $10 right now, but in the future my donations will be larger. I promise! - Tulsa
  • We love 88.7 - Broken Arrow
  • Love Diane Rehm, Car Guys Click and Clack, Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me!!! - Tulsa
  • I love Classical 88.7 - listen every day. Don't listen to the news station. - Tulsa
  • I LOVE the unbiased reporting on all your news shows and want to keep that coming. - Tulsa
  • Thank you for the Prairie Home Companion replay on Sundays. I hope you will keep Car Talk on the air for a long time to come - their reruns are quite relevant! - Tulsa
  • I listen all the time - wish I could give more. The only show I dislike is BBC World Service. I switch to Stillwater Public Radio and listen to The Story. Wish you carried that show; it's always enjoyable. Other than that, I think KWGS is a great, well-run station. Thanks. - Tulsa
  • Longtime listener, first-time contributor here! I've enjoyed KWGS programs for as long as I've lived in Tulsa (16+ years now), both the local programs like Swing on This and StudioTulsa and the NPR classics like Car Talk, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Marketplace, Prairie Home Companion, and so many more. (Programming sidebar: I'd love to see Whad'ya Know return to the Tulsa airwaves, and I'd really like to see Cabinet of Wonders & Ask Me Another come to KWGS as well!) I travel all over the country for work, and I use the streaming link on your site so I can listen to KWGS every morning from the road, no matter where I actually am at the time. Thanks for all your hard work for all these years and hope this little contribution helps keep things moving along. - Tulsa
  • Voting and pledging all in one day - feeling good.  Not really a new member, just haven't contributed in a while. - Tulsa
  • Thank you for the quality programming you provide.  I wish I could contribute more. - Tulsa
  • Honest news - no bull. Thanks. Tulsa
  • Have you put the same effort into covering Obama’s fast and furious as you put into Reagan’s “Iran-Contra”? - Tulsa
  • Great SantaLand Diaries. - Tulsa
  • Living in Chicago, listening online KWGS makes me feel connected and at home. - Tulsa
  • I like best to cry along with StoryCorps. - Tulsa
  • Raised on NPR. I  listen all the time. - Tulsa
  • Longtime Listener. Listened since Ben Henneke and Mike Flynn were on KWGS. - Tulsa
  • Last year the classical station aired a special featuring composers of movie music. I loved it and want more. [note: listen to our new The Score movie music program, Sundays at 6:00 pm, on Classical 88.7-1] - Tulsa
  • Just moved here from Philadelphia. long term NPR listener glad to find NPR again. - Tulsa
  • Have been listening for over 20 years. I time trips into town so I can listen to Click and Clack. - Tulsa
  • I listen to many great shows. I particularly look forward every Sunday evening to hearing Folk Salad and the Folk Sampler. - Tahlequah
  • Love all the daytime programming!  The variety offered all day long is enjoyable.  Talk of the Nation is my favorite! - Tulsa
  • Especially love your news coverage and the classical station. - Broken Arrow
  • Like BBC at Night! - Tulsa
  • $70.00 for 700 hours is a good deal.  - Tulsa
  • Listen in the lab, fun to laugh at later. Mental stimulation and hope for future. Like Diane Rehm, Doug Brown, people who like music, and Being on Sunday. - Tulsa
  • Glad to get an unbiased news source. - Tulsa
  • Why did you fire Juan Williams? - Tulsa
  • More liberal programming please! Too conservative! - Tulsa
  • To fulfill my pledge, please play sacred choral music on Sunday Mornings. I wake up to NPR and love StudioTulsa and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. - Tulsa
  • I love your programming from BBC to StudioTulsa, so keep up the good work. I wish I could have given more but I'm a poor college student at the moment :)  Good luck! - Tulsa
  • I love your Saturday and Sunday programing - Hulbert
  • Public Radio is the only radio I listen to. It keeps me up to date and educates me every day. - Broken Arrow
  • I enjoy Marketplace Money, BusinessWorld, Car Talk, Rick Steve's travel show, Science Friday, Talk of the Nation, all the news shows.  Keep up the good work. - Tulsa
  • Bring back the $89.00 level. A small gift as incentive. - Tulsa
  • Special shows- Alan Lambert, Diane Rehm, Wait, Wait, Car Talk, Splendid Table. - Tulsa
  • My husband works at another station that has much more partisan news + talk + we're so glad to have a non-partisan forum to discuss later news and info in the day. - Tulsa
  • Loves Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Local news is a filler and does not add anything; we don’t need traffic reports. - Tulsa
  • Folk Salad- my favorite program! I wish it was on every night. - Tulsa
  • Listen almost exclusively to KWGS. Husband is kind of science nerd, loves the science programming / Rich Steves. Guiled into donating since he listens so much. - Tulsa
  • I love the classical station+ and listen to it everyday. Thank you for broadcasting classics. - Tulsa
  • Life is good. I love NPR and finally have $ at the end of the month to contribute! - Tulsa
  • Love Big Band Saturday Night! Got tired of commercial radio to start my morning and turned to you. Now I can't get the day started without you! - Tulsa
  • I love Prairie Home Companion and Wait, Wait and have been listening for 20 years since I was a TU student. - Tulsa
  • I hear you fell short- this little extra bit evens out a balance, so I’ll add it to my small but sincere contribution I’ve sent already- I wish I had lots more for you because I could not get along without NPR! Period. Period. I wouldn’t want to. - Tulsa
  • More Rachmaninoff Concertos, please. - Tulsa
  •  Wish you would move This American Life back to Saturday. I love RadioLab. - Tulsa  [note: This American Life is still on Saturdays at 2 pm; also Mondays at 8 pm on Public Radio 89.5-1]
  • Just started listening and love it. - Tulsa
  • Like Morning Edition, Diane Rehm, All Things Considered, and Commonwealth Club. - Tulsa
  • We are so grateful for NPR - its balanced, in-depth reporting on politics; the variety of subjects covered everyday - science, religion, art, music -  it's like taking  continuing education courses while we go about our daily business! - Broken Arrow
  • My day is brighter for the mood you create! Thanks! More classical guitar please! More Khachaturian please. Thanks for all you do! - Broken Arrow
  • I  seldom miss the Diane Rhem  program- the  best on radio or TV. I listen to you around the clock - enjoy the BBC, in the middle of the night. - Broken Arrow
  • I stream NPR all day at work. Thank you for helping me get through the day. -Tulsa
  • Sorry it can't be more.  Favorite shows: Science Friday, Political Junky, Commonwealth Club of California, RadioLab, anything Freakonomics, Marketplace Money, Morning Edition, All Things Considered, most of the weekend programming. - Tulsa
  • Your broadcasts are my primary sources for classical music and news analysis. Science Friday, the Piano Puzzler, and the swing and jazz Saturday nights are great, too. - Tulsa
  • We love Folk Salad. - Broken Arrow
  • During your fund drive, I keep hearing how fair and balanced the reporting is, same amount of time for each candidate. Listen to your own broadcast, lots Romney and Ryan, not a peep from the president. And you want me to contribute? Fat chance. - Tulsa
  • We love the local news and weather addition to the morning show. Also, Diane Rehm is such an important part of our listening. I wish you repeated her show, especially the Friday News Roundup. - Tulsa
  • Sorry we didn't contribute during the fund drive. Keep up the great work! - Tulsa
  • You are the only FM radio station we listen to.  Thanks for the even handed coverage.  Favorite shows are Diane Rehm and This American Life. - Tulsa
  • We are just crazy about Rich Fisher in our house!  Great job, Rich, thank you for all of the contributions you and the rest of the Public Radio Tulsa team make to our lives every single day. - Tulsa
  • Love the station and wish I could listen more often! I have more time to listen on the weekends and could use more news coverage then. - Tulsa
  • Fresh Air, All Things Considered, Car Talk, Wait Wait, Prairie Home, Rick Steves, BBC, Diane Rehm, love em all! - Broken Arrow
  • We love public radio and are especially eager to support programming like the Diane Rehm show, Morning Edition, Radiolab, and Science Friday. Thank you for bringing us all of our favorites! - Tulsa
  • I look forward to the local news each morning while getting ready for work and in the evenings when driving home.  Adds so much to our local public radio station.  I like that some of the programs are repeated so I can listen if I missed them.  Need to get the SciFri (Science Friday) app on my phone so I will always have that to listen to. - Tulsa
  • I listen whenever I am driving and especially appreciate hearing unbiased reporting of issues and events. - Sand Springs
  • You're the best.  I visit Atlanta quite often and their Public Radio station choices don't even compare to the great programs selected by you. - Tulsa
  • Love every thing on Friday until 3:00.  Not too big on Terri Gross. Love Car Guys, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Rick Steves, Science Friday, Prairie Home. Please give my thanks to Rich Fisher, you do add solid value.  All the team there are Great!!! Listen to you consistently,  If my radio's on, it's on 89.5. - Tulsa
  • Still the best around.  I even stream it on my phone when I'm traveling out of state. - Tulsa
  • Don't know what I would listen to without you!  Sometimes I sit in my car, after I've arrived at my destination, just to finish listening to a particular story.  Thanks for being!  Wish this could me more, but maybe next year! - Coweta
  • Keep up the good work... it is especially nice that we have morning local news... a bit in evening would be great... BBC @late night is a favorite...as well as American Roots and Swing On This and of course All Things Considered and interview shows in afternoon  - Tulsa
  • Keep up the great reporting and entertainment! You're all I listen to in the car and sometimes on my runs. - Tulsa
  • Wish I could give more; you're my mainstay at home and in the car! - Tulsa
  • You guys should pick up The Spy from KOSU. Otherwise, this station is my staple of daily listening. Thank you! - Broken Arrow
  • PLEASE play more sacred choral music on Sundays between 9am and noon.  I don't want anything from you, especially more paper.  I will send a check; no need to bill. - Tulsa
  • You guys always talk about driveway moments, our seven year old grandson had his first driveway moment when Terri Gross was interviewing Jason Segal about The Muppet Movie.  But, he did get his heart broken, he thought muppets were real. - Inola
  • Have listened to NPR for years and would hate to be without it. - Sand Springs
  • Going now to apply for matching funds from Home Depot.  Thank you for all your work.  Go Science Friday... - Collinsville
  • Thanks for all you do!  The only radio station to which we listen. - Tulsa
  • StudioTulsa, Fresh Air, Rick Steves, Folk Salad... - Tulsa
    Public Radio is a treasured gift to all of us who listen:  a trusted source for in-depth information without bias and a place to find a wide variety of entertainment.  Thank you to all the people who make this available to the listening public, with a special shout-out to KWGS General Manager Rich Fisher--who is a knowledgeable, thoughtful man, as evidenced by his preparation and questions and comments to his guests on his weekday show StudioTulsa. Favorite Shows:  The Diane Rehm Show, This American Life, Prairie Home Companion, StudioTulsa, Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me, Selected Shorts, Fresh Air, Folk Salad, All Things Considered, Snap Judgment, Talk of the Nation?, Science Friday. I also listen frequently to Classical Music 88.7, KWTU. - Broken Arrow
  • I love Marketplace weekdays at 7PM and Saturday at 10AM - Tulsa
  • Thank you for your professionalism and love of great music!  It's contagious.
     - Jenks
  • I love Public Radio Tulsa. NPR is the only radio I listen to. I especially enjoy the new local news (which I realize isn't that new any  more).  I also really enjoy your local business show on Saturday mornings and Rich Fisher's interviews.  Thanks for the great station. - Tulsa
  • Love the programming. Depend on you for my sanity living in OK!!! - Tulsa
  • First time donor, long time listener. Love the BBC World News Hour and RadioLab - Tulsa
  • Thank you, Rich Fisher, for your support and coverage of local arts groups. Also thanks to KWGS for their expanded, even-handed local news.- Tulsa
  • Thank you, thank you, for bringing back local news.  We love it!! - Tulsa
  • As an editor at a local magazine, I depend on NPR to help me keep up with national issues. I also enjoy listening to the specialty music programs on Saturday and Sunday evenings. - Tulsa
  • I am making this donation in memory of my late brother-in-law, who  introduced me to KWGS many years ago. - Sapulpa
  • Enjoying RadioLab & The Splendid Table, just to name a few. - Tulsa
  • If I am in my vehicle, I am listening to NPR.  It is the only station that gives me holistic and balanced information about what is going on in our country and more importantly around the world.  My high school gifted-and-talented coordinator got us all started on NPR, and it is a habit that has held tight all these years. - Owasso
  • Please give a shout out to the Tulsa Police. We love Public Radio! - Tulsa
  • Public radio saved my life! - Tulsa
  • You guys are what keep us from feeling like the last Democrats in Oklahoma and give us hope that there is intelligent life out there. - Skiatook
  • Love Barry Friedman's humor - Tulsa
  • I love Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, and the local news updates. I would like better programming on Sundays - I listen every day to NPR, but change to the Christian music station on Sunday to avoid the anti-Christian messages on Sundays. - Tulsa
  • Keep up the good work - best programing we've heard anywhere - Sand Springs
  • I don't have much money to contribute, but several times I week I hear a story and say with a huge smile: "I LOVE NPR!" I want to keep this wonderful thing going. My favorites are Snap Judgment, RadioLab, This American Life, and of course, our local news, weather and traffic. Thank you! - Tulsa
  • I just moved to the area after spending 4 years in the Florida Panhandle, and supporting the local NPR affiliate there, WUWF.  I've been thrilled with the local coverage, in addition to being able to stay up with my favorite NPR programs: Morning Edition, The Diane Rehm Show, and All Things Considered. - Broken Arrow
  • I started listening to NPR on 89.5 about a year or so ago after my girlfriend kept talking about it and I am HOOKED. I DO NOT listen to anything else while I'm in my car, UNLESS I've downloaded some new music on my iPod. I love all the shows. I don't watch TV and I stay fairly busy, so NPR definitely helps me stay informed on relevant, global news.  Thank you for doing what you do!!! - Broken Arrow
  • Appreciate what you try to do with out of the ordinary coverage of various events and lifestyles. Helps balance the regular press. Will be balancing my contribution between you all and the Arkansas NPR station, as that is where I drive weekly. - Webbers Falls
  • We love both your stations for news and classical music. Sometimes your music program on Sunday is too contemporary. - Tulsa
  • New listener...about 6 months...and now you're my favorite radio station.  News and art programs in the car to and from work, and classical music at the office. Thank you! - Tulsa
  • I love talk of the nation and Science Friday! It's great to have informative talk radio while driving. - Disney
  • I listen to Classical 88.7 - LOVE IT ALL! - Broken Arrow
  • Thanks for Splendid Table, Talk of the Nation, Morning Edition, and Fresh Air! - Tulsa
  • I would like to challenge other Bank of Oklahoma employees to pledge too. - Tulsa
  • Don't know what I'd listen to without NPR, sorry it's taken me this long to contribute. - Tulsa
  • This pledge is dedicated to Catherine Roberts, whom I LOVE to hear on KWGS!  Fine reporter, beautiful voice.  We love you, Catherine! - Tulsa
  • Thank you for keeping me informed and entertained.  I am a long time listener and first time financial supporter. - Bixby
  • I don't know what I'd do without NPR on my daily drive from Sand Springs to Tulsa! - Sand Springs
  • Enjoy your programming so much.  Always listen on the way to work and to special performances on the weekends.  Keep up the good work. - Jenks
  • New to NPR - love it!  I had no idea you had all those stations (list on your website) - Jazz & etc.  I look forward to checking the others out too!  Thank you! - Tulsa
  • Best news available.  Never heard anything not interesting.  Love Science Friday, Commonwealth Club and RadioLab. - Tulsa
  • Hope this helps a little with the antenna - Tulsa
  • I travel a lot, but can't support all the NPR stations I count on to keep me alert and entertained.  So this is a thank you to all those stations through you. Wish I could share more with you. I really enjoy All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, On Being, and Prairie Home Companion.  Love Story Court!  On the remix station I enjoy The Moth, Ted Talks, and RadioLab. I am glad we will soon have Ted Talks and RadioLab on our station.  Oh, and Science Fridays is usually quite interesting as well.  Local shows also sometimes get my attention but I don't get to listen in too often.  Thanks for all you do, including efforts to raise funds to provide provocative, interesting, fascinating programs as well as local updates on weather and traffic.  - Broken Arrow
  • Love 88.7 and All this Jazz and Wind & Rhythm  - Tulsa
  • I listen to NPR all the time.  I hate being out of range of KWGS and trying to find a new station with a weird schedule. (Why can't they all be like you?)  I actually lead a discussion group about a book I heard reviewed on the air. - Broken Arrow
  • All my radios are tuned to 89.5 so when I am home or in the car I have you with me. - Bartlesville
  • Enjoy your programming so much.  Always listen on the way to work and to special performances on the weekends.  Keep up the good work. - Jenks
  • NPR is an important part of my life.  I listen to Morning Edition every morning before work, and leave the radio on for my dog, Molly, when I go to work.  I must confess that I don't think she understands the talk, but the voices on KWGS/NPR are the most familiar to her if I am not here.  It is difficult to single out any programs since I enjoy them all, but American Life, All Things Considered, Wait Wait!, American Roots, and Terry Gross are all favorites.  Thanks for all of it. - Tahlequah
  • Keep up the good work. I listen to NPR every day and can't imagine life without it. It is by far the best news source in Tulsa. My favorite show? To The Best Of Our Knowledge - and I love This American Life, of course. Who doesn't?! - Tulsa
  • No need to send invoices or envelopes - will be set up to pay automatically by our bank. - Tulsa
  • We like: Morning Edition, Diane Rehm, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, Commonwealth Club of California, Performance Today, Exploring Music, Local News, and Traffic and Weather Reports. - Tulsa
  • KWGS and NPR are food for the soul!  Thank you for making great choices in programming for Tulsa listeners! - Tulsa
  • I love listening to a media where I am not being screamed an opinion at. There are actual facts and interesting, thought inducing stories. It's most wonderful. Plus, much love for Ira Glass!  Thank you! - Tulsa
  • We can't start our morning without NPR.  Since we both have short commutes, there's not enough time to hear Morning Edition in the car, so  we listen while getting ready. Love Weekend  and Morning Edition, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, and All Things Considered. Wish you'd get replace Rick Steve's travel show and BusinessWorld---you could do much better. Those are the only times we ever move the dial. Our 1st grader listens, too---you have to love when a 6  year old asks questions about protesters and prime ministers.  Have you ever thought about doing a youth segment?
  • A jazz station, please. - Broken Arrow
  • I've been listening for 4 years and finally am making the plunge into supporting pubic radio and of course, I'm making this while listening to Fresh Air on the KWGS live stream.  Commonwealth Club, the Ted Radio Hour, and RadioLab are probably my three favorite programs.  Keep up the great work! - Owasso
  • I enjoy KWGS everyday!  When I think about not being able to access NPR, it's a very easy decision to made a contribution.  Congratulations on building such an asset to the community of Tulsa. - Tulsa
  • This is the only radio station that I listen to, at home and in the car! - Tulsa
  • Don't go away.  The learning I obtain from listening to the shows is so enlightening. I love to mention what I learn from the shows to individuals who have a slanted opinion from the radical talk shows on the commercial networks. - Claremore
  • Thank you for a wonderful service. This is pretty much the only radio station I listen to. - Tulsa
  • Thank you for Big Band Saturday Night, All This Jazz and Swing on This!  Would love to have Jim Cullum's Jazz at Riverwalk back again. - Tulsa
  • You accompany me every day on my 100 mile drive, to and from work.  Thanks. - Muskogee
  • We love The Moth, Car Talk, Prairie Home, RadioLab, Wait Wait, All Things, Morning Edition, American Life....keep em coming?
  • Swing On This, Folk Salad, Folk Sampler, Morning Edition, Prairie Home Companion: Good Ones - Sand Springs
  • Would love to hear World Cafe on KWGS - Pawnee
  • I listen during my daily commute which has turned out to be almost an hour a day.  Thanks to public radio to keep me more informed. - Tulsa
  • Love everything except BBC World News Hour, which isn't of much interest & always seems to come on as soon as I get in the car. - Tulsa
  • I love Fresh Air and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, as well as This American Life...! - Tulsa
  • Prairie Home Companion and Mr. Wooley (Swing On This) +  - Tulsa
  • Just made my contribution to NPR!  Love what you guys do and do so now more than ever.  Lately I spend at least two hours in the car every day picking up one of my kids in Catoosa, then driving his friend home, then home for a quick ten minutes’ glass of wine and then back in the car to pick up the other one from ballet.  Add the drive to work and I am averaging 2.5 hours of NPR every single day!!!  I guess $10 a month for at least 12 hours of great news, programs, financial advice, Diane Rehm Show, Car Talk, Fresh Air, Morning Edition, Selected Shorts, Snap Judgment, The Splendid Table, This American Life, To The Best of Our Knowledge, All Things Considered, BBC World News (when I go pick up my son from marching band competitions or football games between 11:00PM and past midnight) not to mention StudioTulsa…  Wow, I never realized I listen to all these programs!  That’s the best spent $10 a month EVER!!!! - Tulsa
  • One of the best NPR stations in the Nation: the diversity of progaming is awesome - Beachwood
  • Listen every day...What a relief from the mundane stuff the other stations put out. - Tulsa
  • Keep up the good work.  Least biased, most rational discussions on any topic to be found. - Collinsville
  • 1) Not a penny of this should go to supporting BusinessWorld (Saturday am).  It's like eavesdropping on three old men who sit in the same booth at the cafe every day, extolling their know-it-all opinions.  What a waste of airtime.  2) HD radio has not taken off like the developers of HD radio had hoped.  It is time to stop spending money on these secondary channels, on the programming and technical support for these channels, to the benefit of a ridiculously small segment of the listeners. Stop wasting money on BusinessWorld and HD radio, and my contribution level may go up.  - Owasso
  • Thanks for keeping a good variety of programing.  - Tulsa
  • Love NPR!!!  And Rich does a good job, too... - Tulsa
  • Absolutely LOVE this station.  We have lived in many different cities and states, by far Public Radio Tulsa is our favorite! - Claremore
  • I love to hear your music. - Tulsa
  • We love the Saturday night music shows. We often tune in and make dinner to Swing On This, eat with BBSN, then hang out on our patio and listen to All This Jazz. - Tulsa
  • All of our radios are set to this station!  Even our 4-yr-old granddaughter pays attention from time to time. - Muskogee
  • We love you!!! Life is tolerable with KWGS in Tulsa. - Tulsa
  • Can't live without NPR news!  David Brooks on Friday is great. - Tulsa
  • I enjoy all the news programming, but especially the different views and stories from around the world on BBC news overnight. - Tulsa
  • Listening now to the Car Guys with my dog, Keillor.  - Muskogee
  • My one source for news & talk shows. Do not change a thing. - Broken Arrow
  • Once again, I request that my donation be dedicated to KWTU; I simply refuse to listen to KWGS. - Broken Arrow
  • I listen to Public Radio Tulsa for classical music, news, and news-related programs. - Tulsa
  • The weekend line up is terrific! - Tulsa
  • You guys make my day complete!  I never miss Morning Edition, ATC, Fresh Air, Wait, Wait - Don't Tell Me, and This American Life.  And I love StudioTulsa and Folk Salad - what amazing local programming!  Thanks for the work you do so beautifully. - Tulsa
  • So glad you got your antennae fixed. - Tulsa
  • New listener - yay for public radio! - Tulsa


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