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Kudos & Brickbats Heard From Listeners During Our Autumn 2013 Fund Drive

Melissa Kuypers
J.J. Abrams

These listeners haven't been shy! Tell us what you think about Public Radio Tulsa:

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  • We are NPR junkies: on at home and in the car, stream it at the office. Longtime contributors and supporters. But PLEASE get the antenna problems solved. It seems like it has been an ongoing problem for years with no end in sight. Your continued support from listeners just shows their true dedication in maintaining Public Radio in eastern Oklahoma in spite of sketchy service and reception. KWGS needs to do their part and get their technical problems solved! - Muskogee
  • We love Folk Salad - Broken Arrow
  • NPR is so refreshing. Thank you! - Tulsa
  • This is for 88.7. Don't stop the music. Bill McGlaughlin and Fred Childs are the best. Jeff Esworthy is really good too and all of the other DJs. One thing. More late 18th, all the 19th and much more 20th century music. Less pre-Mozart except all the Bachs and Vivaldi. - Tulsa
  • I'd love to hear even more local coverage. Stay classy and meaningful. - Tulsa
  • I want you to know that as far as I am concerned, my entire contribution is going to KWTU and NOT KWGS. - Broken Arrow
  • I love your station; I listen daily online and rely on you to know what is going on in the world. Here & Now is the highlight of my afternoon. It is enlightened, even more in-depth than the typical NPR program, and it keeps me engaged. Please stand behind this new programming!  - Tulsa
  • 89.5 and 88.7 are #1 and #2 on my quick select but they might as well be the only two options. Thank you for providing Tulsa and the surrounding area with wonderful news, stories, and music. Cheers to PRT!  - Tulsa
  • I listen to this station multiple times a day and stream it online when I am able to do so.  Keep up the great work. - Tulsa
  • Thanks for connecting us to the world in and beyond Tulsa! - Tulsa
  • Don't ever want to lose public radio. Thank you for all that you do! - Tulsa
  • Love programs: Wait, wait don't tell me, Sunday morning puzzle. Science Friday (but don't get to hear it often), Prairie Home Comp, and in-depth interviews on the wide range of topics. Also that neither you nor guests YELL at me! Wishes: more frequent traffic updates during rush hour, and include more "red" Republican commentators in stories to achieve a true balance in reporting. 
  • I stream you from Ajijic, Mexico.  I listen to both the classical and news station.  Am listening right now.  I love Diane Rehm.  My family is in Tulsa so I like knowing what is going on there. Even though I am far away it makes me feel closer.  Thank you for excellent programming on both stations. - Ajijic, Mexico
  • I especially appreciate StudioTulsa and Wind & Rhythm. - Tulsa
  • Miss 'Talk of the Nation' and not fond of 'Here and Now'.  Really miss the Political Junkie on Wednesdays! Love all the other shows. - Tulsa
  • Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! NPR News! To The Best of Our Knowledge! - Tulsa
  • Thank you for providing such a wonderful radio station.  I listen to public radio every day on my drive to and from work.  Keep up the good work.  - Tulsa
  • Classical music and StudioTulsa is a treasure! - Tulsa
  • I enjoy so many of your shows plus the classical music station. - Claremore
  • I am new to Tulsa - you have a GREAT NPR station - wonderful programming throughout the day.  Thank YOU. - Tulsa
  • One of the best public radio stations to which I've listened.  - Tulsa
  • I love your programming, keep it ad free and information rich!  - Tulsa
  • Best Public Radio in the country! - Tulsa
  • Diane Rehm is best discussion on air, both radio and TV. All Things Considered is great too. I miss political junkie. like Sat night music. Don't care much for Sun night "roots". Always on in my car, where I spend a lot of time - Tulsa
  • Increasing my pledge a little. Appreciate that you can debit my account in monthly amounts. Helps me to contribute when I can do it that way. - Tulsa
  • Thank you NPR for providing a non-partisan view of the world events.  - Bartlesville
  • I know every time I turn on NPR I will hear very high quality programming. I rarely listen to another station (except perhaps during election season) - Tulsa
  • You're awesome!  Keep up the good work! - Tulsa
  • I like "Here and Now"!  Can't really stay awake through Commerce Club of Calif. Why do you never mention the BBC (11:00am) when listing the morning line-up? - Tulsa
  • Keep up the good work.  You are the only station I listen to.  Really like Saturday programming and all the news updates on weekdays. - Sapulpa
  • Diane Rehm is our favorite.  Ira Flatow is a winner, too. - Tulsa
  • Can't imagine life w/out NPR Tulsa.  Wish I could give more. - Tulsa
  • Recently bought a Tivoli Model One Radio for the kitchen. Might as well have the Cadillac of radios to listen to the Cadillac of stations. Love the Saturday night music programs especially Scott Gregory's "All This Jazz", which is totally up my alley, and all the news and analysis. What a great station! We leave all our radios on 89.5. Keep up all the great work. - Tulsa
  • Miss Talk of the Nation, love Splendid Table! And also, Selected Shorts is lovely. - Tulsa
  • We love All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and To The Best of Our Knowledge. - Tulsa
  • Great stuff. Radio for folks who are curious. - Tulsa
  • Thank you for an unbiased look at the world.  I enjoy listening to NPR on the morning drive to work. - Tulsa
  • Political conversations annoy the daylights out of me....until NPR - I get the balanced view. And Friday news roundup is my favorite. - Tulsa
  • I love everything! I'm new to Tulsa and can't give much but I rely on NPR. Thank you! - Tulsa
  • Love ALL the programs.  Miss Neal Conan's Talk of the Nation,  SO MUCH! Quite a loss! - Pawhuska
  • More Science Friday! - Tulsa
  • Rich Fisher - Great job interviewing.  I enjoy Studio Tulsa.  Your depth of knowledge on various topics is astounding.  Keep up the good work. - Tulsa
  • I started a new job this fall and I have an hour commute each way.  Listening to your station has made that commute much more interesting. Thank you! - Claremore
  • Too much local news during Morning Edition. There just isn't that much of interest in Tulsa or Oklahoma. Not your fault. It just true. - Tulsa
  • I have too many programs to name a favorite, but right now, I really love Splendid Table and I miss hearing Freakonomics Radio. Thanks for offering the best source for news and entertainment in Tulsa! - Maumelle, AR
  • Thanks for all the news programming!  We like NPR plus all the local news segments.  We also enjoy Swing On This. - Tulsa
  • NPR and KWGS are part of my daily routine with so much quality programming.  Thank you for great work and your commitment to the local and national communities! - Tulsa
  • KWGS has kept me informed and entertained for a couple of years now, and I need to give back. I listen to Fresh Air and All Things Considered every weekday, and I love Diane Rehm as well. Thank you for bringing local news to us as well, along with everything else you do to make radio meaningful. - Tulsa
  • Thanks for the great programming. Can't start the day without Morning Edition. And love Snap Judgment, Radio Lab, and Wait, Wait. Keep up the good work! - Tulsa
  • My company will match my contribution. I will send the Matching Grant Application with my check. - Tulsa
  • The only radio worth listening. KWGS is my daily indulgence. - Tulsa
  • I highly enjoy KWGS and KWTU. I will continue to pledge money because I believe in public radio. I have a suggestion for each. For KWGS, please stop the lazy, pedantic habit of repeating local news reports during more than one broadcast segment. I understand that during Morning Edition or All Things Considered that reports will repeat in two hours. But I should not have to listen to the same report 12 or 24 hours later. That's silly and NOT news. If you actually think the topic is relevant 12 or 24 hours later, then have the reporter offer a different angle or condense a longer report to something much shorter. For KWTU, please vary your classical selections. I understand the necessity of playing people's favorites, but not every few days. Also, playing complete symphonies, not just movements, would be nice every once in a while. - Tulsa
  • I'd be lost without you!  Morning Edition and All Things Considered balance each day. Fresh Air and This American Life make my spirit expand.  The depth of StudioTulsa increasingly stuns me. What you are doing is noble and literally life-changing work.  Thank you! - Tulsa
  • Keep doing the good work. My life would be incomplete without RadioLab, Diane Rehm, and All Things Considered.  - Tulsa
  • Keep doing what you're doing! It enriches my life incredibly. As a side note, I could always do with more Alec Baldwin :)  - Tulsa
  • Your programming comes through loud and clear in the Clear Creek, Oklahoma area.  I am proud of the Tulsa talent of your staff and support you because I fear without meeting your goal we might lose out on the quality we receive. - Hulbert
  • I love Public Radio Tulsa classical music station.  I felt lost when it went off the station a few weeks ago. I hope there will music at all times going forward. - Muskogee
  • I drive hundreds of miles every week in my work in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I so appreciate intelligent radio to listen to. Keep up focus on local writers, musicians, artists and events.  - Webbers Falls
  • Less Car Talk repeats, more Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me repeats. LOVE the local reporting. Great job! - Tulsa
  • I love Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, The Diane Rhem show, The splendid table and more.
    Please send a receipt.  The company I work for has a matching grant program. - Bartlesville
  • Just listened to Diane Rhem - OUTSTANDING, even for her.  I love ALMOST eveerything.  It is where I get all my news! - Tulsa
  • We love NPR. Who is this mysterious Matt Trotter? He sounds so  intelligent. He should be given his own show. - Tulsa
  • The "Laughter Therapy" offer was the little nudge I needed to make my pledge. Love you guys! Keep up the good work. - Tulsa
  • Love your programming.  Could do with less BBC to add some CBC. - Tahlequah
  • My feedback is simple. I love Public Radio Tulsa. I drive a Prius and I am sure this station helps charge its batteries. It sure helps to charge mine! It's my information, education and entertainment source. It is the voice of sanity and reason in the media ocean of wild extremes. Don't let the crazies win. Please keep doing what you are doing. - Broken Arrow
  • Love Tulsa's public radio station, including national and local programs. - Muskogee
  • I love KWTU and KWGS!  My world would be a dreary place indeed without the comfort of your radio stations! - Broken Arrow
  • Bring back Talk of the Nation! - Broken Arrow
  • I really enjoy your programs. I listen to and from work daily :-) - Tulsa
  • Enjoy too many of your programs to mention! And, yes, I keep listening during pledge week! - Tulsa
  • I wish I could give more for the intelligent stimulation public radio tulsa provides me! Thank you! - Tulsa
  • Radiolab is the best and Prairie Home Companion. - Terlton
  • We just moved to Tulsa a few months ago and are pleased to have a great NPR station in town. - Tulsa
  • I couldn't live in OK with you NPR.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Tulsa
  • Thanks for all your hard work!  Tulsa is lucky to have such a good public radio station. - Tulsa
  • I deliver pizzas in mid-town Tulsa, and I really enjoy listening to the weekend programming on Public Radio Tulsa while I'm out in my car making deliveries.  I especially enjoy A Prairie Home Companion, Car Talk, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and the music programs Swing on This and All This Jazz; along with all the rest of the programming.  (The weekday news and talk programs, while interesting, can be repetitive as they are rebroadcast throughout the evening, when I'm usually working.  One request I would make would be to have an evening music program of some kind during the week, to break the monotony of all the news and talk.) - Glenpool
  • You are my antidote to the rest of talk radio in Tulsa.  Thank you very much! - Tulsa
  • Finest public radio station in the country. I travel all over the US, but I have yet to find a station that conveys such warmth to its listeners than this one!  Keep up the great work, especially the programs unique to Tulsa, they are greatly enjoyed! - Jenks
  • Life long listener, 1st time donor. SORRY - Tulsa
  • Listen exclusively to NPR.  Like your line-up although I very much miss Neal Conan and "Talk of the Nation".  Here and Now is not as good of a program. Also, am getting a little more static here in Bartlesville lately.  Hope that clears up. - Bartlesville
  • We love Wait, wait and All Things Considered, and the BBC at night. - Maramec, OK
  • Love all your programming, but miss Talk of the Nation. - Tulsa
  • I love everything!  Car Talk; Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me; This American Life, All Things Considered; Selected Shorts; Fresh Air; Commonwealth Club, Morning Edition... and on and on.  I could not get through a morning, let alone a day or week with out NPR! - Claremore
  • Excellent programming.  Love: Studio Tulsa, Dianne Rehm, Morning Edition, Car Talk, Wait Wait, Big Band Sat. Night, Folk Sampler, This American Life, Selected Shorts, Snap Judgment. Not a fan of: Market Place Money...or is it that it gets repeated several times in the same evening?  Either way, I just don't care all that much for the show's fixation on economic growth and on what the DOW is doing and why, but I suppose there are many who rely on that information, so I can live with it. :) - Muskogee
  • I listen to public radio every day of the week and look for it when I travel so it has great value for me. I especially enjoy the classical music station! Thank you! - Tulsa
  • Great to hear Bill Nole on the radio this morning. - Tulsa
  • I like the programming this year. - Tulsa
  • KWTU should consider scores from classic movies to also be "classical" music alongside Mozart, Beethoven, etc.  There are dozens, if not hundreds, of movie scores that would be wonderful to hear. - Mannford
  • I appreciate your programming and I think this is the best public radio station that I've ever heard. - Broken Arrow
  • You're on every morning during my daily commute to work. Thank you! - Tulsa
  • MY FAVORITES: All Things Considered, BBC World Service, Car Talk, Commonwealth Club of California, Diane Rhem Show, Fresh Air, Science Matters, Splendid Table, Travel with Rick Steves, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me! - Sand Springs
  • Keep up the good work! - Tulsa
  • I live in Kentucky and I am a regular listener to John Wooley's Swing On This through online streaming. I will not be able to listen tonight, but I want to thank KWGS for the great music John plays every week. - Finchville, KY
  • I REALLY don't like Here and Now and would love to get Talk of the Nation back. I so miss Political Junkie! Wish they could be back on the air. - Tulsa
  • I just LOVE NPR: Selected Shorts, Marketplace Money, the Commonwealth Club, Snap Judgment....and I so appreciate the local content! I'd be happy if next year you offered an NPR sticker for a thank you gift so I could tell everyone about NPR. - Tulsa
  • I listen for news and classical music. On the news station, please have more news on the hour (especially at noon and at night). On the classical station, I prefer complete works rather than single movements of a piece. - Tulsa
  • Only show I'm not a fan of is the discussion at noon by the 2 guys from Tulsa. - Tulsa
  • Swing on This is our favourite! We never miss it, and we never miss his live Cain's show.  We were REALLY disappointed that you didn't have that this year! What a shame not to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary!  We hope it's not a sign you're not wanting to show support to the show. It's by far the best local thing you've got. - Tulsa
  • Thumbs down for Here & Now - Tulsa
  • Why do you have to replace antenna so often? - Broken Arrow
  • I'm a loyal listener to All This Jazz after hearing the program late last year. - Broken Arrow
  • Love your station - listen all the time.  Wish I could afford more. - Fort Gibson
  • Love: All This Jazz, BBC news, NPR news, American Routes. Hate: The noon-1pm slot on weekdays is dreary and boring. Needs improvement. - Tulsa
  • Thanks for all great the programming! From a Freaker - Tulsa
  • Thank you so much for providing such a quality product. We rely on PR Tulsa for information on all manner of topics; news, art, music, literature and local events. - Tulsa
  • We enjoy a variety of your programs from classical music on 88.7 to Garrison Keillor on 89.5. - Broken Arrow
  • I listen all day long. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is the highlight of the week. - Tulsa
  • Keep up the good work.  You are good source of broad information - Broken Arrow
  • Continue bringing the great music you do! I love the performance today and exploring music programs in the evening. Any chance of repeating Wind & Rhythm on saturdays? I miss on the beginning of the program due to church. Thanks! - Tulsa
  • When I listen to your station with a Walkman type radio the reception is frequently interfered with by other stations.  I wish your signal was stronger. - Broken Arrow
  • I like the new line up on Sundays! - Porter
  • Most like: Folk Sampler, Car Talk, Wait, Wait, Swing on This, Big Band Saturday Night - Tulsa
  • Good programing is the reason I listen and why I am making a pledge.  - Tulsa
  • I listen 2-3 hours every day and enjoy it very much. The DJ's are uniformly pleasant and knowledgeable, and the music well-selected. I do have one complaint though,and that is the number of guitar pieces. The schedule seems to mandate at least one per hour and I don't think the the classical repertoire necessitates that much.  - Bartlesville
  • I love having this for daily listening--so glad it is on! I have poor reception (at 75th and Yale-in Tulsa) more often than I would like. Hope that eventually gets worked out. There needs to be less talk along with the music! - Tulsa
  • I love classical music and listen in my car all the time. Although I can't contribute at the level I am sure Public Radio Tulsa deserves, I do want to be a small part of supporting it. - Sapulpa
  • Favorites: Diane Rehm; CarTalk; BBC World Service; Prairie Home Companion; Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - Tulsa
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