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Shiny New Equipment Almost Here

Alexey Ruban, Unsplash

Public Radio Tulsa has two pieces of equipment – Studio-to-Transmitter Links (STLs) and Processors – that are each 14-years old (that’s about 100 in radio-equipment years).  In fact, we’re operating right now on the back-ups for our back-up STLs.  That’s why last December’s year-end fund drive to replace this equipment was so crucial.  And thanks to listeners like you contributing in record numbers, it was successful!

The STLs have arrived and could be installed within the next two weeks.  The processors have been ordered from the manufacturer and are scheduled to ship to us shortly.

So, what ARE STLs and processors, you say?  Good question.  Neither is as big as a tower or as ooo-la-la as a fancy microphone, but both are critical to our ability to broadcast.

A Studio-to-Transmitter Link (STL) is, well, just what it says.  It’s a link that gets our audio signal from our studios on the University of Tulsa campus to our transmitter near Coweta. Once these new STLs are installed, our old STLs will be refurbished to have on-hand as back-ups.

Audio processors insure every spoken word and musical note is clearly heard in the very different environments of cars, homes, and offices. They keep our signals broadcasting within FCC limits.  Our new processors will overcome the reliability problems of our current units, and allow each station to be better heard on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. 

Once our new STLs and processors are in place, we will have completely upgraded all equipment between our studios and our transmitter: STLs, processors, and fiber links.  While we still have a lot of work to do, we are well on our way to a Public Radio Tulsa that has a clearer and more reliable sound than ever. 

To all our Public Radio Tulsa contributors: Thank you for your stewardship of YOUR public radio station!