Answers In Energy

Thoughts on an Emerging Global Energy Governance

Ambassador Irene Giner-Reichl, the sitting Ambassador from Austria to China, and the President of the Global Forum on Sustainable Energy. (Recorded March 26, 2014)

What is a proper governmental purpose, and what is adequate compensation?

T.U. Professor Marla Mansfield discussed her in-depth and ongoing research on Takings Law. (Recorded March 10, 2014)


How does water relate to energy, and the progress of human civilization? Hosts Jason Aamodt and Rick Munoz speak with Steven Solomon about his book, Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization.  As Solomon points out, water has historically been a source of energy, a means of transporting energy, and a way that energy consumed.  The interview, like the book, spans the history of our world, and delves into the factors of the water-energy nexus that will shape our future.

Steve Taylor on Answers in Energy

Feb 22, 2014

Where does the money come from that fuels the US Energy Boom? Hosts Jason Aamodt and Rick Munoz speak with Steven J. Taylor, the managing director and head of the Investment Grade Energy Debt Capital Markets group at Wells Fargo Securities.  With the US Energy Boom fueling a significant part of the current growth in the US economy, investment in new energy infrastructure is reaching a staggering $300 billion per year. Mr.

The past, present and future of electric power generation in the USA and around the world. Hosts Jason Aamodt and Rick Munoz speak with David Walters and Lee Paden about the past, present and future of electric power development in the United States, and how electric power generation has developed overseas.  They discuss how energy needs are very similar all around the world, and the fact that stable government is the vital ingredient for future sustainable development.  This program is part of the University of Tulsa College of Law’s