U.K. Prime Minister's Office

Brexit -- the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union -- could be an opportunity to grow Oklahoma's export economy, according to researchers at Oklahoma State University.

“Oklahoma policymakers and businesses need to be ready to take advantage of this shift,” said Andrew Ranson, director of OSU's Wes Watkins Center for International Trade Development (CITD). “Oklahoma can make strong gains in trade if we are ready to capitalize on this opportunity.”

Our guest on ST is Dr. Ted Bromund, a Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation who specializes in Anglo-American relations, U.S. and British relations with Europe and the European Union, America’s leadership role in the world, and international organizations and treaties. A columnist for Newsday, Forbes, and Great Britain's Yorkshire Post, Bromund also writes regularly for National Review, The Weekly Standard, and

Our guest on ST is the Right Honourable Henry McLeish, a former professional football player, who began his political career in Fife, Scotland, in the early 1970s. He was later elected to the United Kingdom Parliament (in 1987) and then became a member of the Blair Government (in 1997). McLeish became First Minister of Scotland in 2000, taking responsibility for Scotland's emerging role on the European as well as the World stage, leading official government missions internationally, and implementing Scotland's social and economic policies.