Critical race theory


Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill late Friday similar to ones Republicans across the country are pushing as bans on critical race theory in their states’ schools.

House Bill 1775 bans Oklahoma teachers from teaching concepts like one race or sex is inherently superior to another, or that anyone should feel any form of psychological distress based on their race or sex. 

The Oklahoma House had to redo its vote on a bill Republicans say is to ban the teaching of critical race theory.

The theory asks students to consider how racism permeates society, but House Bill 1775 bans teaching concepts like students should feel guilt on account of their race or sex, or that certain races are inherently racist. Supporters claim that's a common problem in Oklahoma. So far, they have not offered proof.

State lawmakers have moved to ban the teaching of critical race theory in Oklahoma schools.

The House sent House Bill 1775 to the governor Thursday on a 70–19 vote, with Lawton Rep. Daniel Pae the lone Republican against it.