On the heels of ransomware attacks hitting a pipeline company, a meatpacker and even the City of Tulsa, the University of Tulsa is expanding its cybersecurity program.

TU announced on Friday a new School of Cyber Studies that will offer a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and a doctorate in cyber studies. The university previously offered an undergraduate minor or a master’s in cybersecurity.

School of Cyber Studies Inaugural Chair Tyler Moore said they’re training students for a field that’s currently short an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 workers.

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The City of Tulsa has created a lookup tool for people to see if their information was posted online after a ransomware attack.

About 18,000 documents from the city of Tulsa have been released on the dark web after a ransomware attack on city systems in May. Some of the documents contained personal information.


City of Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Those responsible for a ransomware attack on the city of Tulsa last month are sharing personal information of some residents online, city officials said Wednesday.

More than 18,000 city files, mostly police reports and internal police department files, have been posted on the dark web, said Michael Dellinger, Tulsa’s chief information officer.

Officials at Tulsa City Hall gave an update yesterday on May 6th's ransomware attack that took down city systems.

Michael Dellinger, Chief Information Officer, spoke first at the press conference and recapped what happened. He said on May 6th he received notice that city servers were communicating with a known threat site. Internal and external teams were gathered, and servers were disconnected.

City departments were advised to switch to manual operations as defined in their operating plans.

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A pipeline carrying gasoline from Texas to New Jersey could be offline through this week after a cyberattack, but that shouldn’t have much of an impact on prices at the pump in Oklahoma.

AAA Oklahoma spokesman Mark Madeja said there are several factors insulating the state from price increases with the main line of the Colonial Pipeline shut down.

The City of Tulsa is dealing with a ransomware attack that happened over the weekend. Some systems have been taken offline.

The city's comments have been limited, but we spoke to Tyler Moore, Tandy Professor of Cyber Security at Tulsa University, for some background. Listen or read on to learn how ransomware works, and why these attacks have been getting worse across the country.

On this edition of ST, we learn about Tulsa Innovation Labs, or TIL, which, per its website, "was founded to develop a city-wide strategy that positions Tulsa as a tech hub and leader in the future of work.

The George Kaiser Family Foundation is commiting $50 million to a project that aims to turn Tulsa into a tech hub.

Tulsa Innovation Labs announced Wednesday it has narrowed it down to five areas of focus for the city’s tech niche: virtual health, energy tech, drones, cybersecurity and analytics. Co-founder and Managing Director Nicholas Lalla said Tulsa has existing assets in each of those areas, so nothing needs to be built from scratch.