Jeff Stava

City of Tulsa

The Tulsa City Council's public works committee heard from multiple engineers Wednesday as councilors questioned whether it was possible to preserve the existing Arkansas River pedestrian bridge even as a replacement is constructed.

"We as Oklahomans tend to tear things down and regret it later," said Councilor Kara Joy McKee, who along with Councilors Jeannie Cue and Crista Patrick brought the agenda item before the committee. "And we've got this lovely old bridge that so many people have enjoyed."

City of Tulsa

Tulsa City Councilors are less than thrilled with the new Arkansas River pedestrian bridge after their latest look at it.

The Gateway Bridge will replace the old railroad bridge at Zink Dam. Previous renderings showed a structure built on a $35 million budget. That’s since been pared down to a design based on just the $27.4 million in public funds available.

At a presentation Wednesday, Councilor Crista Patrick quickly complained about the absence of shade.