Oklahoma Supreme Court

Stuart Ostler / Oklahoma Capitol

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has denied Gov. Kevin Stitt’s request it rehear a case in which the court ruled gaming compacts he signed with two tribes were invalid.

The court denied Stitt’s request Monday without comment.

Stuart Ostler / Oklahoma Capitol

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A proposed state question to overturn Oklahoma’s ‘permitless carry’ law has been rejected, while another question to legalize marijuana statewide may proceed, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in separate cases.

Stuart Ostler / Oklahoma Capitol

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma’s Republican legislative leaders asked the state Supreme Court on Thursday to settle whether Gov. Kevin Stitt overstepped his authority when he reached deals with two Native American tribes to allow sports gambling.

That was Attorney General Mike Hunter’s conclusion in a formal opinion and letter to the U.S. Interior secretary last month.

The Yes on 805 campaign on Friday presented its case to the Oklahoma Supreme Court in a request to force the Secretary of State’s office to accept signatures to put a sentencing reform state question on the ballot.

The campaign filed a writ of mandamus last week asking the court to require its signatures be accepted in time to place State Question 805 on a 2020 ballot.

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On Monday, the Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down a requirement that absentee ballots be notarized.

Thursday, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill reinstating it.

The Senate passed Senate Bill 210 earlier in the day on a party-line vote. It enshrines the notarization requirement in state law.

Stuart Ostler / Oklahoma Capitol

In a 6–3 decision, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled on Monday Oklahomans can cast their absentee ballots with just a signed affidavit.

The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma and two individual women sued the state election board secretary, asking the court to throw out a requirement absentee ballots be notarized. They said it could hurt voter turnout in elections during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma and two voters at high risk of contracting the coronavirus are suing the state to make it easier for residents to cast absentee ballots by mail.

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In response to an order from the Oklahoma Supreme Court, a budget board led by Gov. Kevin Stitt will meet Monday afternoon.

House Speaker Charles McCall and Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat asked the high court to weigh in on the dispute between them and Stitt. The lawmakers want the court to order the Board of Equalization, chaired by Stitt, to meet and declare a revenue failure.

Chief Justice Noma Gurich also set oral arguments in the case for Tuesday before a Supreme Court referee.