Route 66 Commission

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The Tulsa Route 66 Commission this weekend launched "Shop 66 Saturdays," a program meant to boost business at establishments along the historic route's Tulsa portions by staging pop-up events, giveaways and discounts at participating businesses on the first Saturday of each month through the end of 2021.

Rhys Martin, who sits on the board of the Tulsa Route 66 Commission, said Saturday they hope the promotion inspires Tulsans and tourists alike.

Route 66 Commission Reaches For Message Of Inclusion

May 11, 2021
Tulsa Historical Society

With the anniversary of the 1921 Race Massacre approaching, Tulsa’s Route 66 Commission is looking for ways to put out a welcoming message.


"We want the whole world to come here and feel safe and enjoy all of what we are doing here," said City Councilor Kara Joy McKee. 


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Months after the Tulsa Route 66 Commission said it was time for the Brookshire Motel to be torn down, it’s being done.

The city started demolishing the 1940s landmark on Monday.

There were four fires in the span of two years at the motel. Two this year ended with firefighters finding a dead man. The Tulsa Route 66 Commission had toyed with the idea of preserving the motel but abandoned those plans in May.

City of Tulsa

The Tulsa Route 66 Commission showed interest Tuesday in a proposal to revitalize west Tulsa’s Howard Park by opening an RV park there.

Tulsa County Deputy Treasurer John Fothergill made the pitch for putting out a request for proposals to build an RV park with up to 70 spaces. Fothergill said a set of Vision-funded limestone monoliths installed at Howard Park in 2017 hasn’t done enough to boost tourism.

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The Tulsa Route 66 Commission may proceed with an asset survey even though the state historic preservation office is doing one statewide.

The state is taking an inventory of structures like movie theaters, gas stations and restaurants built during the Mother Road’s heyday that may be eligible for preservation tax credits. Tulsa Route 66 Commission member Amanda De Cort said that work is not looking at an alternate alignment of Route 66 on Admiral Boulevard from Lewis Avenue to downtown.

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It appears to be the end of an era on Route 66 in east Tulsa.

After a third fire in 18 months and the death of a man in it last week, the Route 66 Commission is abandoning its efforts to have the Brookshire Motel at 11th Street and Garnett Road redeveloped with its existing buildings.

"We are not going to try to save the buildings anymore. We’ve now had too many fires and loss of life. But we would very much like to pursue saving the neon sign," said commission member Amanda DeCort.