Season One

Masterworks in 10 Minutes or Less: Season 1

Sep 11, 2019
Masterworks in 10 Minutes or Less
Max Oppenheimer/Classical Tulsa

Chamber Music Tulsa and Public Radio Tulsa present Masterworks in 10 Minutes or Less Season 1, six new podcasts from musicologist and Classical Tulsa host Jason Heilman.

The Museum Confidential exhibition at Philbrook Museum of Art, which closes May 6th, has done some remarkable things. It has allowed visitors to view an unprecedented number of never-before-seen works. It has given guests an opportunity to play curator, choosing art pieces they’d like to see displayed in the gallery.

Museum Mail Bag

Apr 27, 2018

In this Season One finale, we try our hand at a podcast classic: the tried-and-true "mail bag" episode. We invited social media followers to "ask us anything" about Philbrook and/or museums in general. We then gathered a panel of experts to provide answers, or at least attempt such. Results vary. Comedy ensues. Interesting stuff as well.... See you this fall for Season Two!