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Updated July 18, 7:40 a.m.  

The City of Tulsa is now the proud owner of 30 undeveloped acres near 71st Street and U.S. 169, land that will eventually be combined with 27 adjacent, city-owned acres for a new park.

City Chief of Culture and Recreation and Parks Director Anna America started working toward a new park there when she was the District 7 city councilor from 2014 to 2018. She said there isn't enough access to parks and green space in the densely developed area.

Two Parks Changing To Honor Veterans, Native Americans

Jun 17, 2021

Some monuments to veterans are moving. 


At a press conference today, officials announced that Veterans Park will be moving to Centennial Park. One reason for the change is to create more visibility for the Veterans Park monuments. 


Josh Sparks, veterans chair for the Human Rights Commission, said Veterans Park was first established on South Boulder Drive because that street was once a main thoroughfare. It’s not so much these days.


Changes Coming For Two Tulsa Parks

Jun 16, 2021
Trust for Public Land

Two local parks are seeing changes.

Centennial Park at 6th and Peoria will be renamed Veterans Park, and what was Veterans Park will be called Dream Keeper Park to honor Native Americans.

During a meeting of the Indian Affairs Commission Tuesday evening, chair Cheryl Cohenour said the location on South Boulder Drive has meaning.

“It’s pretty close to the Council Oak Tree and the river, so it has a little bit more symbolic reference for us. We have an opportunity to do a lot of different things at that park,” said Cohenour.

Sports Parks Getting New Scoreboards

Jun 7, 2021

Some sports parks are getting new scoreboards.

Tulsa County Commissioner Stan Sallee says the county came to an agreement with company Youth Scoreboards.

“We struck an agreement that they would supply all the materials, the equipment, and put scoreboards in our fields at no cost to the county. It’s something that has an advertising element,” said Sallee.

Sallee said there are four new scoreboards in LaFortune Park now. The project may expand to O’Brien Park next.

This is an initiative that’s been tried in other towns.

Tulsa Parks

Tulsa Parks is hosting a series of workshops meant to engage community members in the development of recreation program pricing.

Our guest on ST is Anna America, the Chief of Culture and Recreation & Parks Director for the City of Tulsa. The Tulsa Parks Department recently presented findings from a series of public-opinion surveys it's conducted over the past several months regarding its master plan. The consulting firm known as GreenPlay was employed in the execution of these surveys, as America tells us. She adds that more than half of those surveyed said that they'd "probably or definitely support" various potential funding sources for increasing the Parks Department's budget.

Chris Polansky / KWGS News

Tulsa Parks on Thursday evening will present findings and results from public opinion surveys conducted regarding its master plan. 

Tulsa Parks

The City of Tulsa Parks Department held nine public feedback sessions last month to find out what residents think will make their parks better.

So, what did they learn?

Parks Director Anna America told the city’s parks board last week a major theme that emerged during the “Let’s Talk Tulsa Parks” meetings was safety.

Animal welfare officers lack the legal authority to enforce a City of Tulsa ordinance requiring dogs to be on leash within parks.

That came to light at a park board meeting last week as members discussed recent complaints about off-leash dogs. Animal welfare officer Pete Theriot said they can’t enforce the leash requirement under Title 26 of the municipal code, which deals with parks specifically, but they do have authority to enforce a broader city leash requirement under a different section.

Chris Polansky / KWGS News

The Tulsa Park and Recreation Department will spend October soliciting citizen input and participation with a series of surveys and online community meetings.

Let's Talk Tulsa Parks will include an online survey, a call-in hotline, and nine virtual community meetings -- one for each Tulsa City Council district with their respective councilors.

Chris Polansky / KWGS News

Tulsa dogs may be getting more room to roam off-leash.

The city's park and recreation board heard and approved a proposal earlier this month to explore turning Gunboat Park North, near 11th and Elgin, into Tulsa's third off-leash dog run.

"For a city of our size, we're actually underserviced on dog parks," said Thomas Carlson of Carlson Development Group, the real estate firm championing the project near their offices located on Gunboat Park.

City of Tulsa

A deal proposed in 2015 for the City of Tulsa to sell Mitchell Park to Bishop Kelley High School may be back on.

The holdup was a National Park Service grant for between $13,000 and $18,000 the city received for improvements there.

"And those small amount of funds essentially required that, that park now cannot be sold directly but can be converted into another park," said City of Tulsa Real Estate Manager Michelle Lester.

City of Tulsa

After two years at No. 60, Tulsa climbed five places in the Trust for Public Land’s annual ParkScore rankings.

The jump to No. 55 came down to an $18 increase in per capita spending on parks, but that’s largely from what the George Kaiser Family Foundation has spent on and around the Gathering Place.

Instagram / @CityOfTulsa

Despite the City of Tulsa's financial belt-tightening, the Parks and Recreation department doesn't foresee major interruptions in maintenance and capital projects.

At a virtual meeting of the Tulsa Parks & Recreation Board on Tuesday, Anna America, the city's parks director, said parkgoers don't have to worry.

Instagram / @tulsazoo

Moving forward, Tulsa Zoo President and CEO Terrie Correll and other zoo professionals may be wise to be careful what they wish for.

"Every zookeeper's dream is to have the zoo to yourself," Correll said Tuesday during a virtual meeting of the City of Tulsa's Parks and Recreation Department, "and we've got it now."

Closed since mid-March due to restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the zoo has faced its share of difficulty , Correll said.