Tulsa Transit

New drivers are taking over Tulsa Transit’s Turley Shuttle starting next month.

After the initial operator, Pelivan, asked for an 18% cost increase for its second year running the north Tulsa service, Tulsa Transit turned to another contractor, First Transit. First Transit said it can run the shuttles on their current schedule of every 30 minutes Monday through Saturday through June 2022 for just under $95,000.

While Tulsa Transit will now have to cover vehicles, fuel and maintenance, the combined cost will still be less than Pelivan’s proposal.

Matt Trotter / KWGS

The north Tulsa community of Turley now has a dedicated shuttle to replace fixed-route bus service it lost in November.

The Turley Connector will run every 30 minutes from the Tulsa Health Department to O’Brien Park, connecting residents with those locations, a grocery store and job opportunities.

"Not only is the service going to be much more comprehensive, it’s also going to be free. We’re able to do this through our CARES funding, and we will keep this going as long as we possibly can," said Tulsa Transit General Manager Ted Rieck.