Sound Artist Norbert Herber Presents "For the [ ] of the Loop" at TU's Hogue Gallery

Oct 2, 2015

On this edition of ST, we speak with Norbert Herber, a musician, sound artist, and Department of Telecommunications faculty member at Indiana University, who is presenting an art exhibition soon on the TU campus. This show, called "For the [ ] of the Loop," will be on view at the Hogue Gallery within the TU School of Art from October 2nd through the 29th. Equally inspired by jazz improvisation and the quirky, hook-driven jingles of 1980s video games -- and by computer sounds of all sorts as well as visual collages and other mixed-media creations -- Herbert creates sound environments that explore how people hear and/or experience the world by way of audio technology. Thus his art works are based on audio software, speakers, sound effects, loops, and so on. You hear hear samples of his work here.