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"Glory: A Novel"

Aired on Thursday, March 10th.
Aired on Thursday, March 10th.

"Manifoldly clever.... Brilliant.... [This novel] is its own vivid world, drawn from its own folklore. This is a satire with sharper teeth, angrier, and also very, very funny." -- The New York Times Book Review

Our guest is NoViolet Bulawayo, a writer who grew up in Zimbabwe and is now based in the United States. She tells us about her new novel, which is just out: "Glory." An engaging work of imaginative fiction as well as socio-political satire -- and thus greatly inspired by Orwell's "Animal Farm" -- "Glory" depicts the fall of the Old Horse, who was the longtime leader of a fictional, Zimbabwe-like nation. The book also digs deeply into the drama that follows Old Horse's exit, as a nation of disparate and unruly animals moves toward liberation amid strife and upheaval. Is this allegorical novel showing us a nation at a turning point, or is this yet another story of one corrupt government being eventually replaced by another? Per Time Magazine: "[This is] an absurd yet captivating examination of themes such as toxic masculinity, hero worship, and performative change."

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