Greenwood District on Track for National Listing

Jul 31, 2012

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Tulsa preservationists say honoring the site of the city's 1921 race riot with a listing on the National Register of Historic Places will teach future generations about what atrocities happened here and how they can learn from them.

The Greenwood Historic District, which encompasses about 36 city blocks in north Tulsa, could make it on the federal register as early as December, if the city's 94-page nomination is approved.

The area includes the site of one of the nation's worst race riots, where some 300 blacks were killed and dozens of black-owned businesses were looted and burned to the ground by whites.

In late October, the state's historic preservation office plans to send the application to the National Park Service, and the government has 45 days to consider the nomination.

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