On the Next ATJ: "Festival Jazz"

Aug 3, 2019

Join us for All This Jazz, starting at 9pm on Saturday the 3rd, right here on KWGS / Public Radio Tulsa. It'll be three solid hours of can't-miss modern jazz, all of it lovingly chosen and presented by an actual person -- rather than a robot or algorithm....

Also, in the 3rd and thematic hour of our show, running from 11pm till midnight, our focus will be on "Festival Jazz." On this weekend when the 2019 Newport Jazz Festival is happening up in Newport, Rhode Island, we'll hear recordings made at Newport, at Monterey, and at other world-class jazz festivals over the years.

Do tune in, fellow jazz buffs! Every Saturday night, both online and over the air, we deliver both recent and classic jazz -- across a wide range of styles. Indeed, All This Jazz is delighted by modern (and post-modern!) jazz in its many forms, and we love sharing the same with our listeners.

Finally, note that ATJ playlist info can be found here, at the bottom of the page...and that we maintain a Facebook page for our show. Thanks for listening.