Union Students Get Choice Between In-Person, Online Instruction

Jul 14, 2020

The Union Public Schools Board has approved the district’s re-entry plan for the fall.

Students will either attend entirely in person or entirely online. While younger students will get district curriculum from a Union teacher, students in sixth through 12th grades will receive instruction through a contracted company.

Union Assistant Superintendent Sandi Calvin said it will keep high schoolers on-track for graduation, but there’s an important note for potential college athletes.

"The virtual program does not meet NCAA Clearing House requirements," Calvin said.

The district based its offerings on a survey about one in four families responded to, with 70% of those favoring in-person instruction. Superintendent Kirt Hartzler said his inbox has been flooded with emails about Union’s plans.

"The dominant narrative that I’m hearing from … parents is the fact they like the idea that we are moving forward with a plan. Although not perfect, it’s still a plan," Hartzler said.

If parents want their students to attend school online, they must enroll them in that option by July 27.

Union schools will be taking several safety precautions like requiring face coverings and keeping elementary students in cohorts to limit contact. The district will move students to distance learning if the pandemic requires.

Union is set to begin school August 24.