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Truck Truck: The Story of the Little Red Truck that's Supporting Public Radio

Creative Commons
This is NOT William's Truck Truck. It is, in fact, not even a real truck.

Ever heard this on Public Radio Tulsa?

"Support the programs you love: donate your vehicle to Public Radio Tulsa!"

Sure you have. All. The. Time. And in our budget year that just ended, over 100 cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats found new lives as Morning Edition, RadioLab, classical music, and so much more on KWGS and KWTU, thanks to listeners who donated their vehicles. That's over $70,000 in program support!

Now, William Franklin is starting our new fiscal year by making his own vehicle donation. You might know William as William the Artist, or as the owner of Decopolis, or as the founder of the Tulsa Art Deco Museum. But to us, William (and all our vehicle donors) is a hero.  

We caught up with William this week to hear his vehicle donation story, and it's a wonderful tale of a man, a truck, and one final good deed:

Sentimental about a little, old, red truck? Yep, it happens. The “check engine” light came on the other day. Found out “truck truck” (that’s what I call it lol) needed about $4,000 of work. Pros and cons determined a new truck would be best right now, and figured I would donate the old one to NPR.
All those scratches, dents, and spilled paint spots tell so many stories. This old truck hauled a LOT! Yard work materials, furniture, and building materials, including enough to build out 3 stores! The first DECOPOLIS in downtown Tulsa, the second bigger store, and recently the newest one on Route 66!
Got the truck during some tough times, after the housing market crashed years ago, and few were wanting the kind of fancy mural work I was doing. Was tough, but wise, at the time to trade in the more expensive vehicle for this inexpensive little workhorse.
Things are going really well now with this new business, DECOPOLIS on Tulsa’s Route 66! A new life chapter is underway and it’s time to let an old and loyal friend go.
I hope that by donating Truck Truck to NPR, it will be doing one more good deed, another chance, just like our goal for DECOPOLIS, to help make the world a better place.

Thanks, William, for letting Truck Truck bring unbiased, in-depth reporting and unsurpassed music to northeast Oklahoma. Not a bad second act for for a trusty friend!

(Your unused car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle, or jetski can join Truck Truck in supporting the programs you love on Public Radio Tulsa! Just click HERE to find out more.)

According to Judith Nole’s family, they have to leave the state to REALLY get away from her. Judith has recorded Public Radio Tulsa’s underwriting since the early 2000’s, and when you hear a woman say “Support for Public Radio Tulsa is provided by…,” it is her voice you are hearing.