Judith Nole

Development Director

According to Judith Nole’s family, they have to leave the state to REALLY get away from her.  Judith has recorded Public Radio Tulsa’s underwriting since the early 2000’s, and when you hear a woman say “Support for Public Radio Tulsa is provided by…,” it is her voice you are hearing.


As the Development Director at Public Radio Tulsa, Judith is responsible for the vital listener support on which the stations depend.  And she’s passionate about both Public Radio Tulsa and the community of PRT listeners and contributors.  She loves that feeling of connectedness when, beginning a conversation with, “So I heard this story on Morning Edition today…” someone chimes in, “ME TOO!  Wasn’t that amazing?!?”  Her list of “driveway moments” grows daily, and she’s finally stopped apologizing for being late because she was sitting in the car, listening to The Moth Radio Hour.  


Not surprising, then, that Judith has worked at Public Radio Tulsa – with a few years off here and there – much of her adult life.  She began as a student announcer as a senior at The University of Tulsa in the early 1980’s, was the Development Director in the mid-80’s, and at various times was the local host for Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Weekend Edition.  


Besides Public Radio Tulsa, Judith loves old limestone buildings, ice cream, and her family, in spite of their whining.

Public Radio Tulsa's face mask, that's what! And if you don't have one yet you're missing out, because these babies are beautiful, comfortable, well-made, AND support your favorite public radio station!

Our four-layer face masks are created by ChicoBag, a California maker of high-quality reusable bags (and now, masks). They include a pocket for a filter, adjustable ear loops with a removeable "ear-saver" hook, and a containment pouch with a carabiner. 

Brad Newman, Public Radio Tulsa’s Chief Engineer, has the ample beard to play Santa. In previous years, he’s been seated on a big red chair in the middle of Cushing, OK's main street, but in socially-distanced 2020 he has cleverly managed to let everyone still see Santa. 

American Public Media has announced that it is ending production of Live From Here, the successor program to A Prairie Home Companion, heard Saturday evenings at 5:00pm and Sunday afternoons at 1:00pm on KWGS 89.5 FM. 

While no new shows will be created, APM will allow stations to broadcast repeats of Live From Here for the next several months.  During that time, Public Radio Tulsa will evaluate programs to replace Live From Here.

Public Radio Tulsa, Pre-Pandemic

Public Radio Tulsa bids farewell today to Steve Clem. Steve is retiring after 11 years as our Operations Director, and a lifetime of work in this crazy, wonderful world of radio. We didn't let him leave without peppering him with questions, of course.

Public Radio Tulsa:  Steve, you're retiring from Public Radio Tulsa after more than 10 years as our Operations Director.  But you've worked in radio your whole life.


By Rebecca Howard
Tulsa City-County Library