ABLE Commission Adopts Emergency Rules for Curbside and Delivery Alcohol Sales

Jun 8, 2020

Credit File photo

The Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission has set emergency rules governing curbside and delivery sales of beer, wine and spirits.

ABLE Commission Deputy Director Steven Barker said regulations needed to be put into place with those methods being made permanent last month.

"Obviously, we did allow that temporarily as the pandemic was rearing its ugly head in April. Now it’s important, I think, for the commission to establish some more permanent rules as far as how to do this and how to do it safely," Barker said.

The rules include provisions like delivery records must be kept for 12 months, curbside and delivery sales can only occur during regular business hours, and deliveries are restricted to counties immediately contiguous to a store's location. Delivery vehicles must display a sign with the business name and ABLE Commission license number.

Barker said the ABLE Commission will eventually have to adopt permanent rules.

"These are only going to get us to September of 2021. So, they’re only good for so long, but this will at least let us get the plane up off the ground," Barker said.

State law lets restaurants, bars, supermarkets, liquor stores and convenience stores deliver alcohol, but not breweries. Under the law, third parties, like Doordash, cannot deliver alcohol.